Jost Kobusch

The more remote and higher, the more delightful projects are for me. My curiosity always drives me into the unknown, to new routes, unclimbed peaks and winter ascents. Doing such an ascent solo allows me a deep access to this wilderness, to myself and the question of what I can do. 


Sailing, Chess

Favourite Place:


Greatest Mountain Moment:

First ascent of Nangpai Gossum II 7296m - being the first person to stand up there was a very special moment.


Everest Winter Solo & becoming a better sport climber (couldn't be more opposite hehehe) 

Favourite Book:

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

Biggest Dream:

Mountaineering in Antarctica

What inspires you:

Art, because art has no rules, just like alpinism.

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