BLACKYAK Pro Deals requirements: 

Get ready for your next mission! Take advantage of the many benefits of
our Pro Deals! 

With exclusive offers, individual advice, exciting news and a
professional repair service in our Product Lab in Munich, we provide
comprehensive support for alpinists in achieving their ambitious goals.


If you meet any of the following criteria, your admission to the YAK-PRO
program is guaranteed!BLACKYAK - MADE FOR MISSIONS


Professional role in the outdoors:

If your profession connects you deeply with nature—whether you're a
mountain guide, outdoor instructor, or in a similar role—BLACKYAK is your
perfect fit. 


Certified Leader/Instructor/Guide:

We recognize and value the certification of your skills as an adventure
leader. If you hold official certifications or accredited training as a guide,
instructor, or outdoor leader, you are eligible.


Our mission is to support those who live their passion for the outdoors
in their work. BLACKYAK Pro Deals is our way of saying thank you to those who
push and expand the boundaries of their mission every day.


Application and registration for BLACKYAK Pro Deals:


We look forward to welcoming you to our community! To become part of the
BLACKYAK Pro program, please follow these steps:


Create a customer account:

Start by creating an account in our web store. This will give you access
to our Pro Deals and is the first step towards exclusive benefits.


Contact us by e-mail:

Send an email to info@blackyak.de with the subject line "BLACKYAK
ProDeals [Your Name]".

Our team will respond to your request as soon as possible.


Submit relevant documents:

Please send us your certificates, references, or confirmations that
highlight your qualifications and passion for the outdoor profession. These are
essential for confirming your membership in the BLACKYAK Pro Community.


Tell us about yourself:

Tell us who you are and what drives you. Describe what you do in the
outdoor sector and why you want to become part of the BLACKYAK Pro Community.
We want to get to know you and your mission better!


Our mission is to create a vibrant community of like-minded individuals
who share their passion for the outdoors and professional expertise. We want to
meet you!


Verification for the BLACKYAK Pro Deals:

Personal review by the BLACKYAK team:

Each application for our Pro Deals is personally reviewed by our
dedicated team. We take the time to carefully review the submitted documents to
ensure they meet our quality standards.


After confirmation from BLACKYAK:

Once your documents have been reviewed and confirmed by BLACKYAK, you
will receive an official notification. This confirmation is our recognition of
your qualifications in the outdoor sector. 

Customer is informed and customer account is activated:

You will be promptly informed as soon as your participation in the Pro
Program is confirmed. Your customer account will be activated, enabling you to
access exclusive deals. 

Promo code by e-mail:

As part of our commitment to our community, you will receive your
personal promo code by email. This code is your key to Pro Deals on selected
BLACKYAK products.


Benefits of the BLACKYAK Pro Deals:


Top deals on all products in the store:

As a member of our Pro Community, you get exclusive access to all
products in our shop. Experience our high quality outdoor gear at unbeatable

Personalized service for inquiries and purchase decisions:

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with personalized advice and
expertise. Whether you have questions about product selection or need help with
purchase decisions, we are here to help you get the most out of your outdoor


News and information through our newsletter:

Receive exclusive news, updates, and insider information through our
newsletter. Stay up to date on product launches, events, and developments in
the outdoor sector.


Professional in-house repair service:

We offer professional repair service right here at our facility. Rely on
our experts to keep your equipment running strong, so you can go out and enjoy
what you love. 

Terms of use for BLACKYAK Pro Deals:


For personal use only:

The Pro Deal is for personal use only. It may not be used to make gifts
or purchases for other people..


Equipment for your team - contact us directly:

If you need equipment for your team, please contact us directly at
info@blackyak.de. We will be happy to assist you. 

Sanctions for violations:

Compliance with the terms of use is important. In case of violations, we
reserve the right to suspend the customer account. 

Increased wear and tear as a BLACKYAK Pro member:

As a BLACKYAK Pro member, you use our products in more demanding
conditions, which can lead to faster wear and tear. If your equipment does wear
out, we are personally available to assess the damage.

We will carefully assess whether it is a warranty case and work with you
to find the best possible solution for any repairs that may be required. Your
satisfaction and the longevity of your equipment are important to us. 

Membership is a privilege, not an entitlement:

This partnership is built on mutual respect. Membership in the Pro
Program should always be considered a privilege, based on a relationship of
trust and cooperation. 



Communication and support for BLACKYAK Pro Deals:

Questions? Contact us at info@blackyak.de:

If you have any questions about the Pro Program or our products, we are
here to help. Email us at info@blackyak.de and our team will get back to you as
soon as possible. 

Repairs? Email us at repair@blackyak.de:


If your equipment needs
repair, we are here to help. Contact our repair team at repair@blackyak.de and
we will ensure a professional and timely repair.