Blindklettern mit Alicja und Adam

Blind climbing with Alicja and Adam

An extraordinary climbing project takes its course when renowned Himalayan mountaineer Adam Bielecki meets blind climber Alicja Stelmaszczyk. What began as a personal challenge develops into an inspiring story of courage, determination and willpower.

Alicja Stelmaszczyk lives with Stargardt's disease, which has gradually cost her her sight. But her blindness does not prevent her from experiencing amazing adventures. With her dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and numerous peaks she has already scaled in Poland, she shows that losing her sight is not the end, but rather an incentive to enjoy life to the full.

The encounter with Adam Bielecki marked a turning point. The experienced mountaineer, fascinated by Alicja's unique world, decided to climb with her blindfolded.

What began as an experiment developed into a deep connection and friendship. Alicja's amazing ability to master the challenges of climbing without sight impressed not only Adam Bielecki, but also many others.

In a Facebook post, Adam describes the extraordinary experience and calls Alicja an inspiration. "Alicja, who is blind, cycles ultramarathons, climbs and infects others with her passion for sport. What's your excuse?", he writes to emphasize Alicja's determination and irrepressible will.

Alicja herself explains how she masters climbing despite her blindness. Accurate mapping of the route, help from partners on the ground and clear communication are crucial. However, these challenges do not prevent her from achieving great things. With an upcoming project, the "Touch Kilimanjaro", she plans to climb the highest mountain in Africa to set a mark of strength together with other blind people.

In addition to her physical achievements, Alicja is committed to promoting sports opportunities for visually impaired, blind and other disabled people. Together with friends, she founded the 'na Kole' foundation, which supports such activities. She also runs the "Invisible Space" in Opole, a room plunged into complete darkness to introduce sighted people to the world of the blind.

Alicja Stelmaszczyk and Adam Bielecki's climbing project is more than just a sporting challenge. It is a captivating story of overcoming obstacles, discovering one's own strength and inspiring others not to be discouraged by seemingly insurmountable barriers. May her story encourage us all to find our own light in the darkness.