Die BLACKYAK Langar Linie

The BLACKYAK Langar Line

The LANGAR Line was developed as insulation for adventures where lightweight, versatile equipment is essential.

The insulation of the LANGAR products consists of state-of-the-art bi-component hollow fibres.
The two different components of the insulation create a spiral-shaped fusible fibre in the production process, which always returns to its original shape even after a lot of use and stuffing of the jacket. This means that the loft of the wadding is retained for a long time.

Thanks to the super-light G-LOFT®Evox insulation, our LANGAR products offer minimum pack size and maximum thermal performance.

All LANGAR products are fitted with our specially designed YAK ZIPPER PULLER which has been developed with comfort and long-lasting performance in mind. Whether worn as a single item or in combination with other garments, they offer maximum comfort and functionality.

Designed specifically for alpine demands, the pockets are positioned higher to ensure convenient access even when wearing your climbing harness.


The LANGAR jacket is equipped with a hood that ergonomically fits your head thanks to its elasticated opening, giving you an all-round clear field of vision while still protecting you from the wind and cold.
To provide you with optimal layering and lightweight comfort from spring to autumn, the LANGAR vest has been strategically designed without a hood.
The adjustable hem, Lycra cuffs and stretch inserts on the back of the jacket ensure ergonomic functionality and allow easy adaptation to changing movements. The pockets are raised especially for alpine requirements to ensure easy access even when wearing your climbing harness.

Layering recommendations from our developers:

LANGAR Jacket:

Base- & Midlayer:
Start with a high-quality base layer that wicks moisture away from the skin and insulates lightly. Add a mid-layer for extra warmth and insulation.

Shell Layer:
The LANGAR jacket serves as the outermost layer and offers excellent protection against wind and snow. For extra warmth and rain protection, you can layer the RISUM Jacket or JAVARI Jacket over it, depending on the intensity of your activity and the weather conditions.

The GURJA Pants and DANGI Pants are designed to provide durability, flexibility and weather protection. Wear them as an outer layer to protect your lower body from the elements while allowing freedom of movement for activities such as hiking, mountaineering or climbing.


Base- & Midlayer:
The LANGAR Vest is a versatile garment that can be worn over a baselayer or midlayer for added body warmth. Combine it with the GURLA baselayer or KABRU baselayer for extra insulation and moisture-wicking properties.

By following these clothing recommendations, you'll be ready for any outdoor adventure, from hiking and climbing to skiing and mountaineering. The LANGAR product line offers high-quality, performance-orientated clothing that ensures you feel comfortable and protected in the great outdoors.