#10 mit Felix Berg🎙️

#10 with Felix Berg🎙️

From tackling small boulders to conquering Mount Everest, climbing captivates our guest Felix Berg with its rhythm, sensations, and immersive flow it offers. High-altitude mountaineering intrigues him with its physical and mental challenges, enabling him to delve into the profound moments of major expeditions.

In our latest podcast episode, Matthias and Felix delve deeply into the perspectives and adventures experienced by Felix. Felix Berg has successfully transitioned from being a mathematician confined to his office to becoming a full-time mountaineer. He maintains his focus during mountain adventures and at extreme altitudes. From navigating icy slopes to climbing through blinding snowstorms, he remains dedicated to becoming the best version of himself.

As Felix says, "I enjoy a beautiful line - it doesn't have to be a difficult one."

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