Jakob Urth

Passion, strong mind, and an adventurous personality. I guess that catches me quite well.

I climb mountains for a living - as a guide and on my private trips and expeditions. Make lectures, write books, take pictures.

My passion and drive are the mountains. The beauty of high altitude and the planing, training you have to do is inspiring for me. 

The challenge of doing your best and learning how to fail.

If and when I put up new projects I will get it done! 

Strong guy with a big heart for life and mountains. 



8000 m. summits in Nepal, Tibet and The Karakoram range ( Pakistan) 

New mountains in Greenland, icecap crossing, pamir climbs, solo climbs and not to forget…Salmon fly fishing. 



My passion are big mountains and my heart will always seek that direction. But…I do a lot of trail/mountain running. 

I just love books! I collect old books about mountaineering and other expeditions. 

Fly fishing or fishing in general has always been a part of my life and a great way to learn about nature. 

Favorite Place:

I do travel for a living and there are so many beautiful and inspiring places in the world. For me it’s not only the places and the mountains I appreciate…but more importantly the people and the story’s they tell. The great Himalayas is deep in my heart but also Greenland and the Pamir mountain range in Central Asia are in my favourites. 

Greatest Mountain Moment:

Where to start? It’s all depends on so many things. 

Sometimes it’s high on a mountain. Just before the sun hits you and the feeling of another day to start. The cold air makes you think of nothing else but moving forward.

The moment when you see the mountain for the first time, and decide to climb it. 

Weeks totally alone and isolated on a 8000 m peak in Tibet. Then you really see how big and beautiful the mountains are.


Right now I’m working on some great projects as a guide. 1:1 guiding on Everest, Manaslu and the 7-summits…cool stuff but my own private big project and focus will be on other 8000 m. mountains. 

Favorite Book:

I have more than 200 books from other mountaineers, big polar explorers…

To give two options I really like the story of Fridtjof Nansen - First crossing of the icecap in Greenland in 1888.

The other one is my first edition of The ascent of Everest by John Hunt from 1954

Biggest Dream:

To climb all 8000 m mountains without the use of bottled oxygen - To climb and open new routes and mountains in remote and beautiful corners of the world - to write more books - to be present in what I do and let the great thing we all call life…just take what it wants from me! 

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