Matthias Giraud

Frenchman living in America, infectious laugh, and insatiable love for heavy music. Matthias is a world record holding big mountain skier, BASE jumper, and mountaineer. He has completed numerous first descents and ski BASE jumps across the globe, and he is the only person to have ski BASE jumped the renown Alps trilogy: Eiger, Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. 

Featured on media around the world, including 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, and some of GoPro’s most successful viral videos, Matthias has also performed as a correspondent for NBC Universal, Men’s Journal, event guest at Google Zeitgeist, closing speaker at TEDxBERKELEY 2020 and completed stunts for Apple, Facebook, and NetApp.

Matthias is also featured in Season 1 of GoForth series by Godaddy with Tony Hawk. 


  • First person to ski BASE jump the Alps Trilogy: Eiger, Matterhorn, and Mont Blanc 
  • World record of the highest ski BASE jump
  • First Ski BASE jump in the Lyngen Alps (Norway)
  • First ski BASE jump off Mt. Hood (Oregon, USA) 
  • First ski BASE jump off Engineer Mountain (Silverton, Colorado, USA) 
  • First ski BASE jump off Heaven’s Eleven (Telluride, Colorado, USA) 
  • Multiple first ski BASE jumping descents off the Aiguille Croche (Megeve, France) 
  • First ski BASE jump off Ajax Peak (Telluride, Colorado, USA) 
  • First Ski BASE jump off Ingram Peak (Telluride, Colorado, USA)
  • First wingsuit flight over Eyafjallajokull volcano (Iceland)
  • First Wingsuit flight from Washington to Oregon across the Columbia River Gorge 
  • Ski BASE jump off the Petite Balme (Tignes, France) 
  • Firs Ski BASE jump off the Pointe d’Areu (Aravis Mountain Range, France) 
  • First ski descents on the Troll Peninsula, Iceland. 


Big Mountain skiing, mountaineering, BASE jumping, skydiving, speaker, and media host and occasion al big wave surfer.

Favorite Place:

Mt Baker for skiing powder, Iceland for scaring myself, Mont Blanc for the progressing and the Lyngen Alps for ski touring and the fish smell!

Greatest Mountain Moment:

Ski BASE jumping from the summit of Mt Blanc was the apogee of my journey as a mountain man. Mont Blanc is the foundation of my life, the definer of respect and dedication. After hiking for 2 days with all my gear, going from nauseating anxiety to excitement, we finally reached the summit. After 8 years preparing and waiting for the right weather, I dropped in the north face in knee deep powder before ski BASE jumping off the serac des Roches Rouges and landing on the Grand Plateau. Since then, the serac broke and might not be ski BASE jumpable again, a moment to be cherished forever. 


I have a never-ending list of projects between ski mountaineering and BASE jumping, from the Alps to North/ South America and Pakistan.

Favorite Book:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Biggest Dream:

To ski BASE jump from 6000m, stay posted for more specific details ;)

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