Felix Berg

I am Magdalena's husband, family man and mountaineer. I am passionate about all kinds of mountain sports, from the small boulders for bouldering to the really big boulders like Mount. Everest. When climbing on the rock, I am fascinated by the joy of movement and feeling the flow of a successful on-sight or redpoint. In high-altitude mountaineering, I am fascinated by the physical and mental game of perseverance, the very profound experiences of a great expedition. As managing director and expedition leader at SummitClimb.de, I bring this mountain sport closer to our participants, enjoy going with guests to destinations I know as well as on explorations, with safety and a shared experience in the foreground. In sporting projects with other athletes or sometimes solo, I get to know limits, try to exceed them and grow in the process of pushing the limit. It is important to me to experience every moment intensively, whether the thin one at 8000m or the small boulder on a family outing. 


Skiing, running, playing the piano, physics, mathematics and economics.

Favorite Place:

The next destination

Greatest Mountain Moment:

Too much and, depending on the definition of „great", changeable, G2 west face variant among the 8000ers.


Climb all 5 snow leopards (see one once), mountaineering in Antarctica, complete Annapurna NW face, new territory explorations in rock, ice and altitude.

Favorite Book:

The climbing guide that is currently needed.

Biggest Dream:

Happy family and growing old in good health.

What inspires you:

Nature, its law.

Favourite BLACKYAK Product:

Modicana jacket: Super shell for technical mountaineering, as it is breathable, elastic and robust thanks to a unique combination of materials and an ingenious cut.

Favorite Blackyak Products

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