The wait is over. This is TheOne.

TheOne is a collection of all-star mountaineering garments. Made not for a specific activity, but for any of your missions. Each one good enough to replace that bunch of niche products crowding your closet. This is not about outdoor fashion. Fashion is fast. TheOne has come to stay. Fashion is trendy. TheOne doesn’t believe the hype. Fashion is about variety. TheOne is about reduction. It is as simple as it gets. And as good as it gets. That is why TheOne is different. It is not just the latest BLACKYAK collection. But the result of a change in our product philosophy. TheOne is our new approach towards the environment, sports, our industry, our competitors and towards you, our users.



It takes a lot to go on that mission. It takes TheOne.

heOne is the result of a silent revolution that has been going on at BLACKYAK. Two years of development have led to this collection. In the fashion industry this equals the usual development time of four to six collections.

To us, fashion is not an end in itself. We produce outdoor apparel with a purpose. Because we know your life happens outdoors. And we want to enable you to go on that mission. Therefore, we use the most functional material and strive for the highest quality standards. Quality takes time. Within the fast-living fashion industry, we couldn’t live up to our own beliefs. So, we decided to take our time and opted for a development process that meets our requirements. We needed to break the rules of our industry. And reduced each product to the max. Doing so, the products got even more functional, even more premium. We no longer want you to buy a very specific niche product for each of your activities. We want you to get one all-star product, that has your back at all of your activities.


Two years of development. Team up with TheOne

The heart of the collection is the elaborate BLACKYAK development process. Each product is developed by a team of both product specialists and die-hard product enthusiasts. Our best-in-class Product Lab is the ideal environment to create state-of-the-art products. We started with early conceptual design two years ago. When it comes to material sourcing & development we don’t compromise. For our unique products we need unique materials. If we can’t find one that fits our ideas, we develop it ourselves. The next steps are concept development of the products, prototyping and fitting. Our products are tested by athletes on real missions, often in the Himalayas, the home of BLACKYAK. There are no harder judges than our athletes and their feedback is crucial. During revision adjustments are made and products are re-tested. Only when everything is 100% right, our prototypes are ready for production. We choose only the best certified manufacturers for the very specific needs of each product. TheOne has been developed and produced almost entirely in Europe.

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