Das BLACKYAK Gyr T-Shirt

The BLACKYAK Gyr T-Shirt

This innovative T-shirt combines recycled materials with outstanding performance, making it a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Two Variants for Every Style
The Gyr Shirt comes in two variants that differ only in design:
Both models offer the same high-quality functionality but differ in design. The Colorblock T-shirt stands out with its striking color pattern, while the Performance T-shirt features a more classic look. This way, you can find the right T-shirt for every style.

Development and Production with Leftover Fabrics
One of the standout features of the Gyr Shirt is its production using leftover fabrics. At BLACKYAK, we utilize high-quality surplus materials from our production to create selected products. This practice allows us to conserve resources while maintaining the expected BLACKYAK quality. By using these leftover fabrics, we help reduce waste and make a small contribution to protecting our environment.

High-Performance Materials: Polartec Delta
The heart of the Gyr Shirt is the innovative Polartec Delta material. This fabric is specially designed to support your body’s natural cooling through sweat.

Features of Polartec Delta
  • Cooling: The material aids your body’s natural cooling by quickly wicking moisture away from the skin. At the same time, it leaves a small amount of moisture on the surface to create a pleasant cooling effect.
  • Super Breathable: The increased number of contact points in the fabric enhances airflow, distributes moisture faster, and reduces wet cling.
  • Odor Resistant: Polartec Delta is odor-resistant, keeping you feeling fresh even after intense activities.
  • Quick Drying: The fabric dries quickly, which is especially beneficial in changing weather conditions.
The Gyr Shirt weighs only 114 g in men's size M and 85 g in women's size S, making it a super light and comfortable companion for intense mountain activities.

Ideal for Every Mountain Activity
Whether trail running, hiking, or climbing, the Gyr Shirt adapts to your body without constricting or chafing. It provides the necessary freedom of movement and supports you in every mountain challenge.

Limited and Exclusive
Due to the use of leftover fabrics, the number of Gyr Shirts produced is limited. Each shirt is thus an exclusive piece, notable not only for its performance but also for its eco-friendly production.

With the Gyr Shirt from BLACKYAK, you get more than just a T-shirt – you get a statement for eco-friendly high performance. Get your Gyr Shirt and experience the perfect combination of functionality and style.