BLACKYAK has been present on the global market outside Asia since 2016. With a collection developed specifically for the European and North American market, the international launch of the brand has set new standards in the outdoor industry:

research and development; the use of new materials and material combinations; new cutting and fit solutions combined together with more intelligent design process.
These important developments and unique approach greatly assist our professional mountaineers and testers.


We are young and full of tradition. We are eager to experiment and aware of our responsibility. Since 2016 BLACKYAK has been present on the global market with innovative, highly functional and uniquely designed products. Our product team researches with the latest materials and develops perfectly fitting cuts to make it easier for our athletes to climb the highest mountains in the world.

For us it is the greatest success when we see that a new product works on the mountain exactly as we planned it. Furthermore, we are of course very pleased about the recognition and awards from independent juries. They are rewards for our product developers and for the entire work of our team. The fact that we have already set an ISPO Award record with our products makes us proud and at the same time spurs us on to set standards in the outdoor industry and develop new editing solutions and intelligent designs. We will continue to research, experiment and test for our mountaineers, for you and to add to the 26 ISPO Awards we have received to date


Our most intelligent insulation garment for a varity of activities.